This Week in Godot #50

Hello everyone, welcome to the #50 issue of This Week in Godot, Godot is a popular Free and Open Source game development engine and toolset. And this is a weekly overview of what happened the past week in the Godot engine and its community right in your email. I'll try to cover the most relevant news, releases, games, tools, and anything else relevant. Please, if you have any recommendations or, any idea you can send me an email to or, even better, you can open a PR in GitHub.




YouTubeNekotoArts in YouTube

Make Your Scenes Look Good!

Libraries Assets and Add-ons

YouTubeRed Mage Games in YouTube

Sprite Cutter Tool for Godot Engine

YouTubeきのもと結衣 in YouTube

Halftone CMYK Shader for Godot Engine


Made with Godot

Some Cool Tweets

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